Who are the real terrorists in the Holy Land? Let’s Call a Spade a Spade! [Archives:2001/01/Focus]

December 31 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
By now, the world has gotten a fairly good glimpse of the intransigence and militancy of the Zionist regime, presently led by the hawkish Ariel Sharon. It would be foolish to think that there are really any doves among the leading members of the Israeli political establishment, because the whole conception of the State of Israel is based on a sustainable militant drive, upon which its existence hinges. It would be also ludicrous to presume that the Zionist bulldozer that Sharon has come to symbol vividly has any perceptions of any climate of peace or coexistence, not only with the Palestinians, but the Arab world as a whole. Any keen observer of the events that have transpired over the last couple of weeks in the Holy Land of Palestine will have to conclude that even the idea of a Palestinian entity living side by side with the Zionist citadel is just simply out of the question, as far as Ariel Sharon and his gung ho supporters in Israel and within the international Zionists establishment are concerned.
Thus, we saw the Israeli war machine unleash a cold blooded systematic campaign to underscore the real Zionist thinking about how relations should be maintained with their neighbors, and carry out a systematic effort to destroy any semblance of a Palestinian entity, which include the fragile make-shift institutional apparatus, which Palestinians have been able to set up over the span of fifteen years of negotiations and then only after intensive pressure from the United States, during a period in which the United States showed more sincerity in its quest for peace and a genuine desire to give the Palestinians some hope for the future.
But now, a bloody and merciless campaign under a deliberate and well-planned assault, both militarily and media wise, disguised as a campaign to thwart terrorism, and with the green light of the White House, was unleashed by Sharon and his fellow demagogues releasing their hate machine against the internationally recognized, but poorly prepared and equipped Palestinian Authority and the poor people of Palestine, who have been subjected to Zionist terrorism for close to a century. The objective of this ugly campaign is to eliminate or destroy as much of the fragile and mostly symbolic embryonic infrastructure of the now even more remote hope of a Palestinian state, which for all intents and purposes, as anyone familiar with Zionist dogma knows, is the most dreaded phenomenon in Zionist thought. At the same time, by this massive onslaught, the Zionist hate machine was ascertaining the obvious reality that the Zionist designs for the Holy Land are to proceed without any interruption (the building of Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory, the destruction of homes of Palestinians under fabricated allegations that they are used by terrorists and other excuses, etc.). As far as the Palestinian State is concerned, that should never be expected to go beyond an idea thrown around from one negotiation table to another and from one peace plan to another, with the final decision left for Israel to make at all time, notwithstanding all the talk of adherence to United Nations resolutions, the Mitchell Plan, the Ross Plan, the Plan, ad infinitum.
The ugliness of this aura was clearly manifested last week by the Israelis decision to bar Yasser Arafat from being allowed temporary parole from his detention by the Israelis in Ramallah, to be able to undertake his periodic omen gesture to his fellow Christian Palestinian brothers on the real tenets of peaceful coexistence and tolerance, which Arab Christians have come to always expect and respect from their Moslem Arab brothers for ages, since the dawn of Islam. This clearly underscores the scary reality that the Holy Land, for all intents and purposes, has become subject to Zionist whims. Even the worship of God has become under the mercy of Zionist demagoguery, which has never projected any illusions of tolerance of any other religious practice in the midst of what they insist, preposterously, to be their Promised Land.
Nevertheless, it is disgusting to hear the senior advisor and spokesman for Ariel Sharon, who seems to shrug off any contact with the press a trait common to all criminals continue to insist that Arafat must show evidence that he will cease all the terror that is unleashed against the Israeli teenagers happily enjoying their pizza and other seemingly innocent images the Israelis like to paint themselves with. The advisor and spokesman know full well that the pizza parlors are on streets where Palestinian children used to play for generations that go back well into biblical times, before any pizza parlors were ever set up by alien settlers, who hail from distant lands and who have no roots whatsoever to the indigenous people of Palestine, or links to the land, they have taken by force, and who deliberately and mercilessly usurped the original inhabitants of those streets and killed as many of them as they could along the way. Before calling anybody terrorist, the spokesman and advisor of Ariel Sharon should just ask the millions of Palestinian refugees, who are living in squalid camps under the worst conditions and under a continuous Israeli siege, how did they get there in the first place? There are vivid realities of continuous suffering in the West Bank and Gaza that would break the heart of the coldest of human beings. There are millions of faces, all of which tell a thousand and one tragic tales of real terror, which the Palestinians and other Arabs have experienced and witnessed, which was unleashed by the Israeli Terror Machine, against helpless unarmed civilians over the span of eighty years, since Lord Balfour issued his infamous Promise to assist in the establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine, albeit at the time (1917) Palestine was still under Ottoman Turkish domination and fully inhabited by the indigenous people of Palestine. For thousands of years, these indigenous people of Palestine have seen invaders and conquerors come and go, but none of these conquerors and invaders sought to eliminate their existence or questioned their inalienable right to live in their homeland, even including the ruthless Crusaders, who occupied Jerusalem for 90 years. They did not carry out a campaign to suddenly wipe out the indigenous people they have overtaken in war, or repulse them from their homes while erasing every trace of the links, which these refugees once had with the land.
The time has really come to call a spade a spade and not to slander others, before getting the facts in order, and not to wish-wash history with imaginary tales and make up artistry of innocence that disguises much evil and unholy foolishness.