Who attacked America on 9/11 [Archives:2006/943/Community]

May 4 2006

By: Dr. Abdullateef Al-Adham

Clamor and exaggeration are evoked from time to time about Al-Qaeda and terror fighting, in addition to other descriptions. The essence of all these is aiming at fighting Islam and the Islamic nation. Yet the unsettled question that remains is: Who attacked America on September 11?

If we analyze things in a simple way, we will find that Al-Qaeda is a small, newly formed organization with a limited number and capability. It is a naive thinking to attribute the September 11 attacks and other operations, on the American embassies and USS Cole to this small organization. However, this organization is only an excuse for an international American Zionism conspiracy to control Islamic world recourse and exterminate Islam, because it is the only obstacle facing their conspiracy.

In fact, the main head quarters of the criminal Bin Laden is London and not Afghanistan. The tapes that Al-jezeera Channel used to receive, were faked, and cannot be a work of a small group, leave alone September 11 attacks.

September 11 was preceded by various preparations on the American side, including the withdrawal of the American delegation from Durban human rights conference, the Chinese plane incidence, besides the films that were produced about external attacks on America, such as Pearl Harbor, up to the day of September 11, when the attack took place. George Bush was then visiting a primary school, for obscurity, to show the contradiction between the innocence of the children and the barbarity of Islam. The attack on America on September 11 was a Zionist- American joint one, in cooperation with Britain. It was a jesting play, which all means of crime failed to cover.