Who Is It? A story to be told (1/4) [Archives:2005/839/Culture]

May 5 2005

By Salwa yehia Al-Eryani
For the Yemen Times

I ran with wearing one slipper while the other bare foot. I reach the house of the leader of the area within seven minutes. I ran out of breath and nearly fell down. My heart was beating so fast and loud. It was like drums in my ears, especially because it was dark and silent. I knocked on the door but no one answered.

I kept banging on the door with my fist and kicking it with my feet violently. At last, the door was opened. I asked the guard to allow me to see the leader. He pointed at his watch and said “Now!” I was so short-tempered, I shouted “No, tomorrow!” He smiled an irritating smile and replied, “Well, come back tomorrow then.” I spread my arm to stop him from closing the door and said “Come on, Of course now. It is urgent. Please quickly.”

The leader himself came down with his pajamas and looked very disturbed and said “What happened? Who are you?” I replied, ” I am the lady living in the house behind your house. I am a neighbor. Tonight I heard sounds and voices from around my house. I am afraid a thief is trying to enter my house, I recognized feet landing in my garden ground.

The thief obviously has jumped over the fence. When I shouted who's there? I heard the feet stamps run away .I am certain that he will try again until he succeeds in entering the house. As long as the thieves know our address they'll keep coming until they find what they are looking for. You know sir that I am living alone.”

The leader calmed me down “Don't panic, I will inform the police station to be ready at all times incase we call them tomorrow, Please don't be nervous and don't exaggerate.” I interrupted him ” No sir, oh, no no this is not enough.

I suggest that a police car makes several rounds in this area during night upon a regular basis. This would, actually it should fear the thieves.” He looked fed up and said shortly to end the conversation, “Fine, I'll think about it. Now go home.” I did what I was ordered to do, As if I had any other solution! I felt that he was deceiving me and that he will not talk with any police. In other words he was lying.

It was hilarious and funny to see someone lie to you ,while you have to act like you believe him. This is what our life has taught us to do. Life has taught us to lie, deceive and act. I went home and read about three paragraphs from a novel and then fell asleep.

The Second Night

The next night I was confidant that the thief was not as stupid to coming back after what had happened last night. I boiled some milk and filled my mug to drink milk in front of the TV. I watched the news but could't hear a word of it. I must admit that all my senses were trying to catch any sound around my house.

As soon as I took a sip I definitely heard someone shaking the gate. I froze in my place. Then I heard sounds of keys being tried on a door. How daring! Not only did he yesterday climb the fence and jump into my garden but also he's trying today several keys to see which one would open the house's door.

Oh my God I heard one of the keys click. I put the mug aside with a shaking hand. I squeaked from my place “who is it?” No one answered. I strengthened my knees and got up to the kitchen's window that looked on to the gate. I yelled ” If you don't go away right now I am going to call the Police!” I remembered that addresses here in Yemen are hard to solve, like puzzles. The thief might laugh, as he knows that the police will spend a couple of hours to find the house.

So I decided to say ” The police came to my house before, So you better disappear.” I heard the footsteps run away until I couldn't hear them. I took a deep breath and relaxed on the chair as my muscles were all cramped. I then took the phone and called the leader of the area. As soon as I heard his voice I became nervous again I shouted ” Sir, the thief today opened the door of the the gate which, he jumped over yesterday.

He is advancing quickly. I am terrified. Please sir, what arrangements have you made to assure my safety?” He answered me in a grumbling voice ” I now have guests for dinner, I'll see what precautionary procedures could be taken for you when I discuss this problem with the dancer, oops I mean with the Police.”

I interrupted ” Yes, but when?” He lost his patience and screamed, ” I don't know when. Listen this is not the proper time for chatting”. That rude creature didn't even say good-bye. I stared at my telephone. It felt like receiving a slap on the face. People who have been slapped on the face said about this likeness. I haven't, but now I feel I have. I burst into tears.

When you don't have a solution, this is what you do as a female. I did that not only because I was insulted but also because I was afraid. Will this crazy leader leave me until I am robbed or killed? Oh, no, no. I will take care of myself. I can't understand this negligence and underestimation.