Who is your true friend? [Archives:2003/645/Culture]

June 26 2003

By Zainab A. M
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

Several questions have haunted my mind when writing this article about friendship.
My friends at first glance will have a general impression that the topic may be directed to them.
I have experienced friends since my early childhood and found that a true friendship is about to disappear and vanish from our sights.
You may or may not agree to some points that I have personally discussed.
First and foremost, man by nature is sociable and has an innate inclination to make deep and lasting friendship.
The first seeds of friendship are established within the community where one was born.
Despite of disturbances that may accompany our friendship during our childhood, a positive aspect in that friendship develops, that is, unforgettable moments never be erased from our memories.
New horizons for friendship could be enlarged either at your social context, school, university, work or even at a strange community that you have recently moved in.
For an everlasting and inseparable friendship, the first thing that should be taken into consideration is how such friendship is developed and strongly established.
The second thing is its ultimate aim.
As for the latter, one should ask himself, why he/she must be his/her friend? Is it established just for passing time, making fun or hanging around?
Is it made for the sake of mutual interests and nothing else?
Bear in mind, why sometimes friends fall out.
Such questions depend on the personality of a friend you have just made.
In order to strike up an inseparable friendship, he or she has to be likable and amiable and shouldn't become annoyed easily.
As the proverb goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.
Perhaps, some of you have experienced such friends. We are of course much indebted to them.
But, unfortunately, they don't exceed the number of fingers.
Do you know what they mean to you?
They are those who support you in tribal and tribulations.
They are those who put out your flames and never put a match to it.
You may have come across a smarmy, and brown-nose friends, don't be deceived by them at all. Don't fancy that the lion smiles at you.
Such smiles may at length, bring havoc destruction to you. Watch out!

Tips on being a friend
– Treat your friends the way you want to be treated.
– Keep secrets that are told to you.
– Pay attention when your friend is talking
– Keep your promises.
– Share things with your friend.
– Tell your friend the truth.
– Stick up for your friend.
– Take turns