WHO supervises medical tenders [Archives:2007/1065/Local News]

July 5 2007

Abdulqader Al-Emad
For Yemen Times

SANA'A, July 2 ) The Minister of Public Health & Population, Dr. Abdulkarim Rasae stated that the former Government decisions of reducing the Medicine Fund's budget has affected the medicine policy negatively.

In a press conference held on Monday the minister said, that reducing the fund budget from YR 3.5 billion to YR 1.450 billion led the Ministry to change all strategies to supply the biggest possible quantity of medicine.

In the conference which was held in response to the press campaign on the Ministry's policy for the purchase of medicines and the process of choosing companies for supply of medicines, Rasa'a accused some big medical companies to be behind the press campaign against the Ministry because they were blacklisted as they had not fulfilled their commitments to supply kidney medicines last year.

The Minister clarified that all the ministry's tenders, whose foreign aid constitute 60% of the Ministry's medicine budget, have been transferred to the World Health Organization and UNICEF for the implementation. “Concerning the Government budget