Whooping cough disease Duraihimi area, Hudeidah [Archives:2006/955/Local News]

June 15 2006

HUDEIDAH, June 13 ) Whooping cough disease has swept five rural villages of the district of Duraihimi of the governorate of Hudeidah. Dr. Fuad Qatibi, one of the doctors in the area had clarified to Al-Shoura Net, which published the news last Tuesday, that thirty cases of infection with the disease had been observed at the villages of Al-Maqbul, Al-Mahayib, Al-Lamia, Al-Drahma and Al-Jaamtiyah. He pointed out that the disease is caused by infection of respiratory system with a bacteria causing severe coughing and because of severity of coughing it is accompanied with secretions and acute lung infection. He added that people's ignorance of the disease and methods of avoiding it had let to the spread of this disease in a large manner in those villages. The doctor also said the period of the disease incubation is between 3-10 days and it is a contagious disease rapidly spreads by the infected person's tiny drops of saliva especially in crowded places.

Dr. Qatibi said the authorities have not yet taken measures to face the disease while a medical source quoted an official at the health office in the governorate as saying the office had dispatched a medical team to the area and his belittling of the disease danger, considering its medical control as easy.