Why Afghanistan? [Archives:2001/47/Law & Diplomacy]

November 19 2001

Abdulghani A. al-Shamiri
The whole world is watching the US-British bombing of Afghanistan which has claimed the lives of many innocent civilians, including women and children. This unjustified war has no legitimacy but imposes further hegemony and injustice under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Although America has so far failed to find any evident link between Osama bin Laden and September 11 attacks. And, in case it has some evidence against him, why is the United States carrying out this all-out war whereas the Taliban regime expressed its readiness to hand over bin Laden to a neutral Islamic state if he was proved guilty. Moreover, has America given itself the right to kill innocent civilians and to bomb any country merely able to militarily oppose these operations? It sounds like the United States has gone astray as it has so far avoided to fight terrorism but instead is going ahead with its atrocities against innocent civilians in Afghanistan and with further expanding its hegemony all over the world. Besides, as the United States is so determined to have a strong presence in all strategic regions such as Central Asia, this just proves our point.
Based on US standards, a terrorist is a person who dedicates his life to defend his nation. In light of the fact that all Islamic movements have been labeled as terrorist organizations, this definition is much clearer. But, it should not be forgotten that the United States has also been using terrorism to achieve its evil policies but has been fooling the whole world. Now, America is exerting intense pressure on all the Arab and Muslim countries to join its so-called anti-terrorism coalition which aims at eradicating Islamic organizations and scholars as well. Evidently, it is trying hard to use its current war against Afghanistan to achieve a set of goals, such as creating a stronghold close to the Caspian Sea, monitoring closely Pakistan and India (both possessing the nuclear weapon), and having the upper-hand on the rich oil and gas resources of Central Asia. So, the United Sates has assembled all the enemies of Islam in its anti-terror coalition by taking advantage of the lack of solidarity amongst the Islamic nations. Israel has actually waged the war from behind the scenes as it carried out the September 11 attacks and then cunningly ascribed them to Arabs and Muslims. The Zionists have well-sketched the scenario of September 11 attacks in order to link terrorism with Islam and Muslims. But, regrettably, the US administration itself has given the Jews free power by excluding their involvement in the WTC and Pentagon crashes, although interestingly more than 4,000 Jews working at the WTC did not come to work the day of the crashes. Simultaneously, the Zionists have been preparing the second chapter of their dirty scenario by spreading anthrax in order to have other countries, such as Iraq, to be targeted. This is a real crusade war controlled by the Zionists, in one way or another. Any person following up closely the developments taking place in the world will notice that the Israelis have been using the consequences of these attacks to achieve their strategy.