Why deny? [Archives:2003/647/Viewpoint]

July 3 2003

It is interesting that some people are still denying that Iraqi people don't want US forces in Iraq. A few months since the war have passed, yet some are still insisting that Iraqis have welcomed American soldiers and are pleading for their stay in their homeland.
Yes, there is a minority who wants foreign forces to continue staying in Iraq, but this minority is incomparable to the majority of Iraqis who have blasted the war and made it crystal clear that they do not want foreign forces in their country.
A clear example of this is the joy that Iraqis express on an attack against one of the US tanks or artilleries takes place. You can see kids and young men jumping in delight for a successful strike by Iraqi resistance on a US military target.
Other examples are resembled in demonstrations and protests that are sometimes received with force and aggression by the US side. It was not long before when the US forces fired at protestors killing many of them and injuring more.
There should be no doubt that the situation in Iraq is now chaotic. Just as President Saleh said the other day during his tour of Europe, the war in Iraq did not bring reforms, but brought chaos and instability.
There is a growing concern among Americans that the whole war may not have been the right decision after all. The question of “What next?” was seldom asked or discussed during and before the war. A few answers were given, but none of them was quite convincing, especially when realizing that Iraqis living in Iraq were never consulted about their future. Even though they were the ones who should have been contacted and approached for any post-war solutions, some Iraqi opposition figures appeared to be gaining more US attention.
Two months after the war Americans are still losing even more lives compaared to the of war. On average, one American is being allegedly sacrificed for the Iraqi people. But if Iraqis don't want this sacrifice, why is the US administration insisting on it.
The situation in Iraq is getting tenser and tenser for both the USA and UK. However, conditions in the US are worse because any attempt to withdraw UK forces from Iraq under any justification could be suicidal for the US plans in Iraq.
It is obvious that things are not going in the direction planned by Bush and Blair from the start. However, a question that should be asked to those, who are still not able or not willing to see this would be, “why deny?!”