Why do we learn? [Archives:2003/666/Culture]

September 8 2003

By Ahmad al-Daies
For the Yemen Times, Ibb

At the beginning, I would like to present my warm regards to everyone who is going to read what I have written here, and to those who are going to write about this specific topic or discuss it in the future.
From here, I shall begin to express my feelings. In fact, many queries have preoccupied my mind and that made me hesitate until I get the best opportunity. Is there anyone who has talked, written, or thought about this topic? Unfortunately, I do not find anyone at all. At the same time I thank God I found the suitable time.
As a matter of fact, it was a difficult question, which needs many answers. I started to think and think very well. While I was thinking, I started getting the answers to my questions. From here, I wonder. I asked myself, and I would say to you: Have you asked yourself! “WHY DO WE LEARN?” You must determine a goal for your studying. You must fix a goal clearly for what you are searching. You must put those questions in your minds. Do not forget all these questions? How much information do you have on you gained? How many contrivances have you invented? How many new experiences have obtained? How many new things have you discovered? How many new successes have you achieved? To what range has your level been developed in the previous years? Are you clever at something? You must have a hope in your life. One should have an ambition to be achieved in his life. By doing so, one will be safe and can live peacefully. Now, what do you think? Why do we join college, school, an institute, etc? Certainly, most of us will say: for learning, for education or for getting more information. But suddenly, you will hear irritating words from other people.
Do you know what they are? They are nothing only the truth. You can see that in the life of wise men, cleavers, thinkers, and you will also remember the same thing, that is the human reality. In fact, it is necessary to adopt it and to get it fulfilled, but do not make it an essential aim in your studies.
Dear student, if you search through your studying for knowledge or for a profession, which may enable you to be a rich man, read carefully what I am writing. I do not prevent you from having your food or to obtain the requirements of life or anything else you need in your daily life, but you should be aware that getting science and knowledge are the most importance thing in life through which you can obtain great future. If not so what is the benefit of the qualification or the employment if the person is not able to talk about anything or deal with simple rules? There are many ways especially these days, to get employed even if you have no qualification; i.e., through mediation of people whom you know well or a mediator from your relatives.
Finally, I hope you think and think very well. Why did you join this faculty? Why have you come here? What is the purpose of your studying? Will you find it useful if you really have the answers of the questions that I have already addressed to you? Oh, dear student! Put it in your mind; put it in your diary if you are studying for the qualification only. You should change some of your life styles through changing your aims, because one day, you will recall what I have said. In addition, what will you say then? What certificates have you got? If you do not have no knowledge, then your certificate is useless, burn it or tear it. If one does not have any bridges of science to protect his qualification, what is the value of it? Believe me, do not be proud. Do not be irritated. At the end, remember very well, do not be so far away from reality and circumstances that surround you. I am certain that you have got it. Learning is the most important thing in life, the precious treasure which everyone should search. It is your guide if have been lost in a desert. It is the golden key with which the door of a glorious future can be opened.