Why do we learn English? [Archives:2004/767/Culture]

August 26 2004

By Teacher Moh'd .O. Al-Homaidi
Taiz university
[email protected]

Sometimes, we ask ourselves: “why do we learn English?” then the answer is, simply, to succeed in the exams. Everybody knows that English is a good medium of communication, within the world, so we must learn it.
Everybody knows that English is the most widely used international language of today. It is spoken by more than half of the people of the world. Some speak English as their own language, and some speak it as a second language. By learning English we can enlarge our mental horizons and increase our knowledge because we shall have a better chance of reading a wide variety of books, newspapers, and magazines.
English is also useful in other different fields of life such as business and commerce. Indeed, many businessmen build their success upon their good knowledge of English.
Students sometimes study their subjects in English. Businessmen use English at their meetings; scientists and doctors write articles in English; tourists speak English when they go abroad, it helps them enjoy their trips and communicate with other people to develop better understanding and establish new friendships.
Moreover, English helps us follow television programs and enjoy interesting films, and read the literature of other people.
English is particularly important in the fields of science and technology. There are many scientific books that we shall not be able to enjoy without a good knowledge of English. Besides, technology of the modern world is, as a matter of fact, available in English. We would be completely ignorant of many scientific facts without knowledge of English.
From what we have said, one can say that English is learnt for both benefit and enjoyment. It is, in a word, a way to success not only in examinations but also in life, for this reason, students learn English – not only to pass their examinations but also to enjoy the pleasures of life.
We can summarize the reason for wanting to learn English in that nothing can be done, without it. Especially with regards to dealing with computers and modern technology, such as the internet. Without English, one is closed to those linguistic items which render us capable of entering the modern technological world.