Why I Chose Yemen vs America: A TRUE STORY.. [Archives:1999/36/Focus]

September 6 1999

The following is a biographical two-part series on I, A Yemeni raised in America since the tender age of one and and a half years, as well as my experiences and beliefs. My experiences there were both “as sweet as honey” and “as hard as a rock”. I would like to start by saying, although I am a harsh critic of America, I am in no way generalizing every aspect of America, nor its common people. I specifically point out the wrongdoers and in no way implying the innocent have a contributing hand in any of the problems. I can never deny the fact that those good American friends of mine who were my comrades growing up and in college weren’t genuine. To show the good America has to offer, I am thankful to have received a four year degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Health Science from a prominent United States University, all while being one of the premier government leaders and activists in the country. Now, I will begin. 
Ever since I have been here in Yemen a number of commonly asked questions have constantly arisen, and they are the following: 
1) Where are you from ? 
2) Why are you here ? 
3) America is better than Yemen so, why don’t you go back? 
The questions are endless so, I decided to finally set the record straight and ice the burning desire of my critics and write this article. 
First of all, I am a Hashemite Yemeni from the village of Ezzan, in the Rada’a province so, rightfully so, the question should be “why shouldn’t I be here?” I mean after all this is my country and I have every God-given right to be here. Uncontrollably and against my will, with good intentions of course from my parents, I was brought to the United States in 1974 when I was a year and a half. So, technically, I am an American; Right? Wrong! In America’s eyes I will always be a “sand nigger” or “backwards Arab”, no matter what prefixes my name, what follows my name or whatever title I might have; whether it be Doctor, Attorney at Law or even President (which I am ineligible for anyway). So, this is the first reason why I have chosen Yemen over America. 
The second reason why I chose Yemen over America is, the peace of mind that comes with living among my people and in my beautiful country. The Yemeni people are among the most kind-hearted and hospitable people in the world and I’ve been among all nationalities everywhere so, I have all the right to judge. I feel as if every male is my father, brother or son and every female is my mother, sister or daughter. As far as the land is concerned, the last prophet of Allah-The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.S.) blessed Yemen not once, but twice. So, no matter what any oppressive or colonial figures try to do, whether internal or external, Yemen will always be prosperous in its abstract and material possessions, even though they aren’t distributed properly. Interestingly, and without any hesitation I can also say that there is proof in the blessing of the prophet by recognizing that Yemen is the only place I know in the world where fruits can be grown and not spoil for up to six months after they reach the marketplace, this is especially evident in the Wadi Dhahr area of Yemen. 
The third reason why I chose Yemen was to increase my spirituality in every aspect. The spiritual fever can do nothing but embrace you and it has. So, the Adhan (call to prayer), praying on time and seeking knowledge with some of the most renound Islamic scholars in the world is a serious reason why I came back. 
The Islamic religion also states that one does not become complete until they find their other half and people are always perplexed that I came back to Yemen to find my other half and not in America. Although my response bears nothing on the fact that many American women are constantly trying to make the Yemeni or Muslim woman feel that she has to compromise her honor in order to make her feel that she is a “real woman” and not carrying the turmoil they are causing among the Yemeni family furthermore, trying to impose their racist movement on Yemeni and Muslim women (a European based movement that started because European woman who were trying to gain equality from their European male counterparts) and allowing them in now, where as before they were not allowed to join. No, my response has nothing to do with that. My response gives these racist feminist a dose of their own medicine, that they manifested and that is; I want to marry a principled feminine woman, not a cloned man. 
My final reason why I chose Yemen is re-adjust the colonialist mindset engrained in my people that has caused an inferiority complex among them, resulting in the mistreatment of themselves and the undeserving praise of others, especially westerners. This in return fires back at innocent Europeans that receive mistreatment from some ignorant Yemenis as a result of the malicious zionist controlled campaign through the Arab, as well as European media. Ironically, other immigrants, mainly Somalis and Iraqis, who are still suffering at the bloody hands of the same oppressors have contributed to the Yemeni oppression by allowing themselves to be spindoctored into believing that there is one more group below you in our international caste system-The Yemeni’s. This is really sad because we, oppressed people, should work together to alleviate oppression, not promote oppression. This is all wrong! We should all strive for equality among all humans and correct inequality whenever it is seen, because all of us are equal in the eyes of the creator. Nevertheless, I must and will disprove this inferiority mindset. Tune in next week to see. 
To be continued…