Why I love her [Archives:2008/1207/Community]

November 13 2008

By: Salem Abbod Salem Basuhai
[email protected]

It seems simple to answer, since love comes in many different faces

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet

And it is the great means to express yourself by putting your heart onto paper

“Why I love her?” It is a question raised by her

Seems easy to answer, but she seeks tangible answer

It is not as easy as I expected, I kept thinking for a while

And even consulted a friend of mine, how &what to answer

My feelings are different, as she is different too

Being fallen in love, that doesn't make any difference to me

Sweet, kind, smart and beautiful like her deserves and must be loved

The way she treats me, the way she acts and the way she talks

And just everything about her is perfect, she really mean so much to me

It is the caring of her heart; it is the kindness of her heart

It is the smile of on her face; it is the love in her eyes

It is the twist in her walk; it is the sweetness in her talk

It is the way of her thinking; it is the silent in her speech

When I sleep at night I think of her, wondering if she thinks of me too

When I am dreaming I dream of her, I dream how good it is to be with her

I saw her eyes, her lips, her cheeks, her eyes so beautiful and lips so sweet

I didn't realize it at first, how much she mean to me

I hope you see what this poem means

Remember this is what you mean to me

I love you today and I will you tomorrow and I can't stop loving you.