Why start this IT column? [Archives:2003/636/Education]

May 12 2003

Wael A. Hashem
Marketing Manager
NCC Education
Yemen Center

As NCC Education, we have the pleasure to start, from this week onwards, a series of lessons on Information Technology (IT). Yemen Times welcomed our initiative to bring the newspaper's readers in closer touch with the IT sector. We chose Yemen Times to be the newspaper to carry our lessons because it is the only Yemeni newspaper that seems to be committed to promoting education in Yemen not only in English language, but also in other fields as well, including IT. We are truly proud to be part of this project.
Some may ask “Why are you starting this column?” This is a legitimate question that readers can and in fact need to ask before beginning to follow these lessons.
Well, to answer the question, we need to focus on the core subject of the column, which is IT. The IT industry has several major facets: computer hardware, software and services. Often, telecommunications hardware, software and services are also included in the definition. Given the comprehensiveness of this technology, including the Internet, hand held devices, intelligent machines and other equipment, IT and telecommunications are slowly emerging as highly interactive disciplines. This makes IT the most exciting and creative industry of the 21st century. It is the highly sensitive means that links people in the world with each other, and links them intelligently using the largest web on the planet, and the biggest library on earth, i.e., the Internet.
In the fitness of things, Yemeni young men and women need to realize the potentials of this fastest growing sector for decades to come, and consequently avail themselves of the opportunities to learn about it. After all, why shouldn't Yemenis be part of this new revolution?
This column, undoubtedly, represents a powerful initiative to open readers' eyes to the unlimited opportunities of this rapidly growing industry that has become an integral part of our lives. Incidentally some of those enthusiastic readers maybe inclined to pursue an academic career in this vital sector.
This column is intended to be a source of knowledge and information for a vast majority of such young readers of Yemen Times. It will give them an insight into the main aspects of this technology including many fields that they may have heard about, but never got an exposure to. These aspects include computers and the related software, their hardware, the Internet, telecommunications, software management, programming, databases, and other allied fields.
Dr. David Moursund, a prominent American professor specialized in IT, once said, “Information technology is everywhere, and it is certainly changing our world. Some of the change is well summarized by the expression “Global Village” coined by Marshall McLuhan. The technology is connecting people from throughout the world. The technology has provided a new and powerful tool, and people throughout the world face the task of learning to use this tool.”
Yes indeed, learning about IT will soon be considered an indispensable imperative, rather than an option. The proposed column would include lessons and articles that involve basic and, in later stages, advanced information on the meanings and use of IT in daily applications, and help the readers grapple with the new and fascinating world of IT.

Welcome to the world of IT
The global age has come. The use of the term “IT” will continue to grow and reach extremely high levels in foreseeable future. There is no way the new generation can afford to ignore the onrush of this new technology. Yemen, along with the rest of the world, will have to brace itself to this new technology so as not to lag behind in the digital revolution.
We believe that you will benefit greatly by following those lessons as they are supposed to be a beckon light for you to see the future the way it will be. It will allow you to get a proper perspective on the importance of IT and its deep impact on all aspects of our lives. Who knows, you could be one of the most well-known IT experts in the country in future.
Welcome to the digital era.
Welcome to the world of IT.

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