Will Boycott Start in Yemen? [Archives:2000/49/Focus]

December 4 2000

Jalal Al-Sharaby
Yemen Times
The urgent thing that all Arab countries should do is to boycott Israeli products filling our markets under different names of countries of origin. May be, this is the only thing all rulers and people of the Arab countries agree upon. One of the solutions open for discussion is establishing an Arab common market which is another way of resisting middle east projects. Establishing such market needs some time and should preceded by a boycott to all Israeli products and dealing with Israel in all fields of economic cooperation. Our struggle against Zionism is a struggle for existence. So marketing Israeli products is a waste of money and giving the enemy a weapon to defeat us.
America, the strategic ally of Israel has only one angle of seeing things by standing against the Arabs and trying to give the impression that it seeks what is so called fair and just peace. America always stood against human rights violations but now is only watching those violations in the occupied territories without moving a muscle to stop them. This makes us reconsider everything said about America especially regarding its great respect to human rights. I see the measures taken by different Arab countries against Israeli interests in the region like the close down of the Israeli commercial office in Oman and the withdrawal of the Egyptian ambassador from Israel as the first of more strict measures against Israel.
The question to ponder now is, will the boycott of Israeli products start from Yemen?

I think so, because of the many logical facts leading to this conclusion. The first of those facts is, Yemen has never admitted the right for Israel to exist on an Arabic land and to rip a part of the Arabic body. The second is, despite the fact that many Arab countries have dealt with Israel secretly or publicly, Yemen has never even thought of it.
By saying, boycott of Israeli products should start from Yemen, I dont mean that Yemen has commercial ties with Israel which should be stopped. The meaning is, some Yemeni merchants obsessed with money met Israeli businessmen in Cyprus and other European countries to make commercial deals, which distorted the Yemeni stand.

We call the Yemeni leadership to stop those mercenaries from importing Israeli products which gives Israel an annual revenue of 30 billion Dollars.
Yemen has been a subject of conspiracies because of its clear attitude towards Israel and we can not allow Israeli companies to have branches here in Yemen, represented by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has always supported Arabic issues and specially the Palestinian issue.
The society of consumer protection and all political forces should fulfill their duties to oppose having any Israeli products in Yemen and should start preparing a black list of all Israeli products and of Yemeni businessmen involved in commercial relationships with Israeli businessmen.