Will evaluate past, look to futureNational meeting on curbing violence against women [Archives:2004/718/Community]

March 8 2004

The Woman National Committee will organize as part of its activities the First National Conference for Combating Violence against Women.
It is in co-operation with the Yemeni Network for Combating Violence and Oxfam organization under the slogan, “Together to maintain the dignity of woman in a society free from violence.”
The conference will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Bajamal and will continue for two days with 400 participants of both sexes representing ministries, civil society sectors and related authorities.
Rashedah AL-Hamdani, Chairwoman of Woman National Committee and chairwoman of the preparation committee, stated to the media that the conference aims at recognizing the size of the phenomenon of violence against women, its extents in the Yemeni society.
This is in an effort to unveil the cover on the various forms of violence and to call for its condemnation, and to punish the perpetrators legally.
The conference aims at reviving the genuine values of Islam in Yemeni society which are founded on the principles of forgiveness, condemnation of violence and confirmation of human dignity and protecting her rights.
The conference will also evaluate the program of combating violence against woman, 2001-2003, the successes and failures and the problems facing the next programs, and the lessons learned from the existing experiment and how to benefit from other experiments in the Arab world, in addition to expanding the cooperation among the related organizations working in the field of defending human rights in general and violence against woman in particular.
The conference will also touch upon the obstacles hindering the expanding of political participation of woman through political, economic and social discrimination and isolation.
The conference will conclude with a final communique with recommendations and suggestions hoping to find their way out.
Rasheda pointed out that one of the reasons for holding this conference is due to the continue of the phenomenon of domestic violence against woman and the negative impacts of it on family, society, development and the importance to point out all the forms of violence and condemnation.
Rasheda also pointed out that the Woman National Committee would hold other activities including the celebration of World Women's Day on March 8, and organizing meetings between a number of parliamentarians and members of the Supreme Council for woman in order to involve the parliament with woman related issues in order to find appropriate solutions to them.