Will pay $22 millionIFAD’s project on Dhamar development [Archives:2005/808/Business & Economy]

January 17 2005

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is to finance $22 million for a project for the rural development in the governorate of Thamar, to begin implementation in the districts in this year 2005 and continues for seven years.

The project aims at conveying agricultural services to rural communities in the governorate of Thamar and development of infrastructure for the upgrading technical and organizational aspects of agricultural sector institutions.

The program also aims at communicating IFAD assistance to all districts of Thamar and local communities as well as protection of natural resources in it along with environment and its protection.

IFAD aims from funding the project of development of agricultural areas and helping the population at facing unemployment by increasing agricultural production and working at cultivation of the land and reclamation agricultural areas, especially in the governorate of Thamar, which entertains a fertile land.

The project is to be implemented at phases. According to organized plans including the achievement of gains by farmers in the governorate and helping them for stability in their areas.

It is scheduled that the governorate of Thamar would this year witness the implementation of services and developmental projects financed by the Yemeni government, more important of which are the building of water dams barriers, building and paving roads and building electric, waters, culture and sport.

While the governorate is seeking development of post services, last year there were 330 developmental and services projects at a cost exceeding YR 7 billion. Among those projects there are 152 educational projects, 54 health, 23 agricultural and 33 in the field of public works and roads. There are other projects of electricity, waters, environment and communications.

The governorate of Thamar is well-known for its potatoes agriculture and some fruits and vegetables. Nowadays a number of the governorate' provincial capital streets are being paved at a cost of YR 2.5 billion.