With a more than $3 million: UNDP support to monitor poverty to reduction initiative in Yemen [Archives:2003/635/Local News]

May 12 2003

A program of ” Assistance to the Government of Yemen to Coordinate and Monitor Poverty” with a total budget of $ 3,187,781 was signed Tuesday between UNDP and the government at the Ministry of Planning and Development office in Sana'a. UNDP is providing $ 1,300,000 in addition to $ 282,200 from Capacity 21 fund, one of UN programs in addition to government contribution totaling $ 709,700.
The program will assist the government of Yemen improve effectiveness of the policy framework and coordination of national poverty reduction efforts with particular emphasis on enhancing its capacity to coordinate, follow up and monitor implementation of Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). This program will help Yemen to monitor Millennium Development Goals. The program fulfills this part as it consists of a main poverty monitoring until that has sub-units in the government (the related ministries like health, education, etc). The program also includes assisting the Central Statistical Organization by providing the necessary computer systems and revising its role. It also includes Household Budget Survey for the year 2004 and integrates some of its indicators into the national census. Another component of the program involves preparing an environment-related database that will support good decision-making.
This program is expected to last 4 years from 2003-2006. World Bank and Oxfam are partners to this project in which they will provide funds to implementations of some of the activities through the government of Yemen as follows: the World Bank $ 498,800; and Oxfam, $ 10,900. The remaining $895,881 will be mobilized at a later stage.
H.E. Vice Minister of Planning & Development Mr. AbdulRahman Tarmoom on behalf of the Government of Yemen & Mr. James Rawely on behalf of UNDP signed the program document.
Officials from the technical staff of the Minister of Planning and Development, World Bank, Oxfam and UNDP office in Sana'a attended the signing ceremony.