With the presence of foreign and Arab journalists:New law enacted [Archives:2003/635/Local News]

May 12 2003

Hassan Al-Zaidi
International and Arab journalsits welcomed the new law for the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) recently endorsed by the cabinet, said Mr. Mahboob Ali, chairman of YJS last Wednesday. Mr Ali also urged the new parliament to approve the journalists law in order to be put into force.
The chairman Ali confirmed that suggestions proposed by journalists on articles and texts of the law would be accepted this week. The new journalist law has also secured pension salaries, social equity fund, and health care.
The new law has imposed new fees paid to the YJS from the media establishments at an amount of 3 percent of their ads' revenues.
Mr. Mahboob met with the Mr. Sulaiman al-Ghosa, the International Journalists Organization Chairman and George Michael, the British Journalist Union Chairman, the European Journalists Union representative, the German Journalist Union Chairman and the Arab Journalist Union Chairman.
Arab as well as European journalists have welcomed the new law and said that it constituted a significant indicator to enhance the freedom of speech and expression as well as consolidate the media independence.
On his part, the British Journalists Union Chairman has expressed his willingness to enhance the bilateral cooperation with the YJS together with preparing an agreement aims to enhance links and solidarity with partners of the profession and exchange experiences, information and contacts.