WJWC discusses “Women and Civil Community in MEPI” [Archives:2006/948/Local News]

May 22 2006

SANA'A, May 21 ) Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) held a meeting on “Women and Civil Community in the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)” at the organization's premises last Tuesday. The event involved leading Yemeni women and a MEPI delegation.

The meeting was attended by MEPI delegation head David Mulenix, MEPI Regional Coordinator in Abu Dhabi, Muayad Mehyar, and many women activists from political parties and civil community organizations, plus presidential candidates Rashida Al-Qaili and Sumaya Ali Raja.

Mulenix briefed attendees on MEPI, the reasons behind its establishment and what it offers women and the civil community in Yemen.

Women participants briefly reviewed Yemeni women's situations and needs, presenting their views on MEPI's seriousness to support WJWC, which contributed 3,500 observers to the voter registration process after completing an electoral awareness program in Hodeidah.

WJWC conducted its awareness program during the early days of the voter registration period, in cooperation with the International Foundation for Election Systems. The United Nations Development Program also supported the 27-day program.

WJWC contributed the 3,500 observers, who voluntarily monitored voter registration and voter registry revision and modification processes. It also participated in monitoring the voter registration process with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) by providing 50 observers.

WJWC trained voter registration observers on how to record violations and complaints and write reports.