WNC Celebrates Wome’s International Day [Archives:2001/13/Reportage]

March 26 2001

The Women National Committee organized on March 18 a Two-day workshop on the occasion of the Women’s International Day in the presence of Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Iryani, Prime Minister, head of the Supreme Council for Women Affairs.
The workshop included discussion of a number of topics of concern to women such as the National Strategy of Gender. This included three parts, respectively; an evaluation of men and women’s condition in many fields, analysis of the current condition and historic circumstances that Yemen has gone through and which have helped widened the abyss between women and men, and a study on the objectives of the strategy.
The objective of the strategy was strengthening the position of women in the economic, social, political and environmental fields, achieving equality among men and women, highlighting the prisoner’s condition, a study on their crimes and motivations, etc.
Mr. Gianni Brizzi World Bank Representative in Yemen, Ms. Bettina Maas UNFPA Representative in Yemen, and Ms. Bushra Jabre Jhons Hopkins University presented working papers in the workshop.
The participants also discussed the Committee Annual Report for 2000 on achievements of the Committee and the obstacles it faced during the year, condition of women in the government offices and presented a number of recommendations and suggestions as to strengthen women’s participation in the political life.