Woman Economic Empowerment Association:Workshop held on NGO management [Archives:2003/684/Local News]

November 9 2003

Fahmia Al-Fotih
SANA'A ) While most civil society organizations have stopped their activities during Ramadhan, Woman Economic Empowerment Association (WEEA), cooperating with Dutch Embassy, concluded its three-day workshop on how to manage NGOs, Nov. 8.
The workshop tried to accomplish a number of objectives, such as to teach how to run civil organizations and concepts of the institution-building, as well as to understand the internal and external relationship for any organization, and lawful frames with which an organization depends on in its relations with partners through coordinating the individual activities and put them in a complete and balanced frame to follow the society during establishing NGO.
In addition, the workshop helped participants acquire the ability of running volunteer organizations, and get aquatinted with the means of planning, organizing, observing and evaluating the level of organizations performance and development.
The workshop aimed also to improve the skills and abilities of the members, volunteers and the regional coordinators and the way of dividing the work as well as giving authority to achieve WEEA objectives.
Around 25 women from the WEEA, members and volunteers, as well as different governorates and areas where WEEA project activities are implemented, participated in the workshop.
It is noteworthy that there is a follow up-plan for the trainees.
Rokia Saleh, an expert at WEEA, led the three days of the workshop.