Woman Economic Empowerment AssociationWorkshops on gender and volunteering work [Archives:2004/728/Community]

April 12 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

The Women Economic Empowerment Association (WEEA), in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands, held workshops on gender and research, as well as on the volunteering work.
Around 12 trainees participated in the workshop under the supervision of WEEA's expert, Ms. Roqia Saleh Mohammed, who explained the sensitive mechanisms of gender and research, how to use them in a project for a more prosperous economy and how to enlist them in the inputs of WEEA to support research and studies.
It is worth mentioning that this workshop was held in Ibb on 8-11 March 2004 with the participation of 17 trainees, including the heads of saving groups and coordinators of WEEA in Laij, Zabeed and Ibb.
This month WEEA continues its activities by organizing workshops in various governorates to train a number of participants in volunteer work.
Dr. Fathia Bahran, the Head of WEEA, Ms. Roqia Saleh and Ms Abeer Al-Absi are the main lecturers in these workshops.
It is noteworthy that WEEA will conclude the workshop on volunteer work on Tuesday here in Sana'a. The session will be led and a lecture delivered by Ms. Abeer Al-Absi, the Executive Manger of WEEA.