Woman Forum for Studies & Training Media and Plastic Art and its Role in Highlighting Women’s Issues [Archives:2001/48/Culture]

November 26 2001

A media and plastic art symposium was held from November 6 to November 9 in Al-Nubala Hall at Al-Helal Hotel in Aden to highlight women’s issues in society and promote self-initiatives. It was attended by the Assistant Deputy, Ahmad Al-Dhlaee, the General Manager of Labor and Social Affairs, Anees Hamsheri, and the Canadian Program Manager, Fuad Jowhri. During the symposium, the Assistant Deputy, Ahmad Al-Dhlaee, stressed the importance of organizing such symposiums which are able to promote the tasks of the informative and media corporations and women’s issues in particular. The Chairwoman of the Women’s Forum for Studies and Training delivered a speech in which she spoke highly of the joint cooperation between the forum and the Canadian program and the significance of holding such symposiums. The three-day discussions concentrated mainly on women’s issues in Yemeni society, pointing out the role of the media and the plastic arts in shedding light on women’s issues. The participants insisted on the necessity of women’s participation in the media and the enhancement of their role in the decision-making process. The participants came out with the following recommendations:
Making use of the cultural heritage in its positive depiction, such as respect and esteem.
Encouraging informative programs depicting the social and national role of women.
Coordination among the media, including the official and non-official corporations, civil society and international organizations.
Outlining a comprehensive plan by the pedagogical and educational corporations, and putting an end to women’s discrimination.
Reconsidering media which humiliates women.
Necessary participation of the plastic arts through providing support to plastic artists and re-establishing the basic infrastructures such as a museum for modern art, and starting again to offer artistic education as subjects in school.