Woman Shot: Serious Precedent Set [Archives:1998/07/Front Page]

February 16 1998

While walking down the crowded Hadda Road, near Al-Komaim Trade Center, on a busy Ramadhan night, Ms. A. was followed and harassed by a number of young louts in a car. They demanded that she should join them in the car, Ms. A. alleged. Refusing to comply made the louts persist. She insulted them. They shouted obscenities. One of them pulled his ever-ready weapon and fired one shot. It pierced her back, and passed near her lung. The bullet was later taken out by surgeons. Ms. A. has now left hospital. Out of respect, women are never shot at in Yemen. To do such an evil act in a busy street in full view of many people, is indeed a  very serious precedent. It can be an indication to deterioration in moral standards, and adds a another means of abusing women.