Women are sick and dying Laws needed to govern reproductive health [Archives:2003/07/Health]

February 17 2003

I have specialized in obstetrics for about 25 years and this is a comment coming from long-term experience in this field.
During the past 20 years I’ve seen many difficult cases involving very deplorable conditions due to stress-related illnesses and poverty of health services, especially in the remote areas.
We’re used to seeing cases such as this: a women’s uterus ruptures as a result of dystocia. In this case, some of these women die. Some were taken to hospital just for saving their soul.
For those who survive, this also leads to more disease symptoms, including a difficulty to give birth.
Some of those women had lost their uteruses due to a total ignorance of the significance of their reproductive system. This has also resulted in an inability to give birth.
They have fallen a prey to so many diseases including anemia, brittle bones, rupturing of the reproductive systems, hemorrhaging, high pressure, and other incurable diseases.
Accordingly, one should restore proper reproductive health systems.
Laws have to be enacted for regulating reproductive health.
Human laws and legislation forbid abortion in cases when it threatens the mother’s life. I am in favor of those laws but I advise parents to be fully aware of the great importance of using the most useful methods for proper reproductive health.
Consulting doctors who are specialized in this field makes the reproductive health more beneficial and more useful.