Women candidates trained on local elections [Archives:2006/910/Local News]

January 9 2006

SANA'A, Jan. 7)The Sisters Arab Forum (SAF) concluded Thursday a training course on training women candidates for local elections. The training course aimed to introduce Yemeni legislations regarding local councils and inform on the local elections coming in September 2006. Trainees were also given some information on how to prepare for the election campaign plans such as determining aims, concerned parties, and preparing for alliances.

The training course began on Tuesday, and was attended by 32 trainees from the General People's Congress, Islah Party, Yemeni Socialist Party, Haq Party, Nasserite Unionist Organization, and Popular Forces Union. Ms. Sumaisha Rabaha and Mr. Shawqi Al-Qadi, a member of the Parliament, were the main trainers in the course.

Meanwhile, Ms. Amel Al-Basha, director of the Sisters Arab Forum, asked the General People's Congress to give women candidates a larger opportunity in the coming local elections. She doubted the GPC's serious determination to give women candidates 15% of the seats in the local and parliamentary elections.

In the closing day of the course, the trainees managed to make a strategy for the election campaign. They also gave an overall evaluation of the course.