Women in Taiz study photography [Archives:2004/798/Community]

December 13 2004

Events relating to photography basics for women, organized by the social union of photographers, are being held in the hall of the Confederation of Trades and Professions Societies in Taiz.
The events were financed by the Social Fund for Development, under the supervision of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Labor and Welfare Bureau.
Included in the events is a course that will run Dec. 12 to 15.
The inauguration was attended by representative of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Fuad Sultan, and Mr. Foul Kumar, the Representative of the DED Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst and the General Secretary of Photographers Union, Mr. Muhammad Hassan al-Zureiqy.
Miss Entisar al-Athwary said the course will help the 20 trainees work in the field of photography, as the union is attempting to employ them later on in private studios affiliated in membership to the union.