Women involved in information technology [Archives:2005/898/Local News]

November 28 2005

SANA'A- Nov. 26- The Women and Children Development Society (WCDS) has launched a new program titled “Women in Technology”, which offers scholarships for women to study Information Technology (IT). The Program is funded by the Institute of International Education in San Francisco located in the U.S., as part of the Middle East Partnership.

The Program is implemented in collaboration with Cisco Academy at the General Telecommunication Institute. The Women in Technology program provides free training in IT for 250 women from all age groups and educational backgrounds annually.

The training period covers 17 months of standardized curricula (Microsoft Unlimited Potential and Cisco Networking Academy Program). It will also organize professional development workshops including IT policy workshops, career skills training and practical experience for participants. The training course targets women and will be delivered by women trainers.

The Technology Program aims to help women gain remarkable hi-tech skills, crucial to access and participation in the workforce, which will lead to greater economic security and independence for women.

It also aims to narrow the gap of skills between men and women and enable women to enter a career in IT and contribute to the development of the IT sector in Yemen. The program is expected to enhance partnership between private and public sectors and involve NGOs, governmental bodies and academic institutions both as partners and beneficiaries.