Women Prisoners’ Conditions Reviewed Today at ACC [Archives:2001/16/Local News]

April 16 2001

Organized by the al-Afif Girls Forum, women prisoners conditions are going to be discussed today in the headquarters of al-Afif Cultural Corporation, Sana’a.
The seminar comes in the context of the annual cultural program of al-Afif Cultural Corporation. The seminar is the second of its kind to discuss this important topic: women’s conditions in prison. Women prisoners suffer a lot due to some social reasons. They are completely neglected and shunned by their families and the society as a whole. Moreover, media and NGOs are not allowed to conduct field studies to review their conditions. At the seminar Mrs. Shatha Nasser, lawyer, and Mr. Foa’ad al-Ma’akhathi, representing the Red Cross, are going to present some papers pertaining to women conditions in prisons.