Women Quota System is imposed on Yemen, and women involved in election mangement [Archives:2005/852/Local News]

June 20 2005

SANAA, June 14 (26-Sept) ) Speaker of Parliament and Chairman of Yemen's Islamist Congregation for Reform (Islah) Sheik Abdullah Bin Hussein al-Ahmar Tuesday said “the parliament continues to have reservations on the implementation of the quota system for women and giving women certain quotas in the parliament, consultative council and the state organizations.”

He added “we still have reservations for many reasons regardless if the cabinet has approved the quota system,” stressing “the Yemeni woman has to compete in the work field until she obtains popularity if she wants to get seats in the parliament and efficiency is the real standard in practical competition and women have to compete with men as candidates and the assembly reservations on the quota system is based on social considerations and

because this system is imposed on the society.” The Speaker asked: “Why

cannot the standard of efficiency be the judge on allowing women to have

their constitutional and lawful rights?” adding “if we implement the quota

system then the government is required to implement the quota system for the

political parties.” He said women have the support of the leadership in

Yemen and called on women to “benefit from that support and compete instead of demanding quotas.”

It is worth mentioning that the supreme council for elections also promised to invlve women in the administrative committee of the coming elections. This was announced during an intellectual debate on Saturday at the Yemeni Women's Union which was attended by election authorities and pioneer women.