Women rights between theory and practice [Archives:2004/765/Local News]

August 19 2004

Within the framework of women rights in Islam, a symposium titled “Women's Rights between Texts and Application,” was held by the Women Studies and Training Forum, from 16th-17th August.
At the beginning of the symposium, Suad Al-Qadasi delivered a speech, and Misk Al-Junaid reviewed the program of the forum.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Daghshi then presented a paper on making judgments by prudence and its effect on women's rights. He confirmed that the divine address is general, putting special emphasis on women's issues in certain verses.
“The problem comes when we try to imitate the west,” said the paper, “we reject this”and so does the Islamic culture. This is a different civilization, we can not drag a woman from the house to the workplace, based on the excuse that she is equal to man, despite the obvious cultural, social, and biological differences.”
Mohammed Al-Odainin presented a paper on the misinterpreted texts of Sharia, which were used to plunder women's rights. He mentioned prophetic sayings misinterpreted by some people such as “Women have incomplete mind and religion”. He also reviewed Quranic verses that distinguish women.
Nabil Al-Soufi explored the subject of how the absence of social justice has effected women's rights.
Dr. Ra'oofah Hassan preseneted a working paper on domestic violence directed towards women, from the Islamic viewpoint.
The theme of women and their rights remains controversial among Islamic sects. There is no one categorical opinion on the issue of women's rights. Even the moderate sects who call for unifying the view on this issue, lack a well-defined unified opinion.