Women workshop on media and pressWomen should be deeply involved [Archives:2003/626/Local News]

March 10 2003

Organized by the Women Affairs Support Center and on the occasion of the Women International Day, a symposium for editors-in-chief was held on Sunday March 2 in collaboration with Oxfam-GB Yemen.
During the symposium, participants dealt with promoting the press and media work on the part of women 's issues and what have been written about them so far.
A big stress has been placed on surmounting violence against women.
On her part, the Chairwoman of the Women Affairs Support Center, Mrs. Sultana al-Jeham emphasized on allocating enough space in press and media for women's issues. This includes family programs on radio and other similar programs at the local radios.
The symposium is an introduction to a comprehensive workshop which is to be held within the coming week.
The symposium is to be organized by the Women Affairs Support Center in the context of conducting reports and women-related analysis within the framework of launching awareness campaigns in media internet and meetings held with decision makers.
The Women Affairs Support Center is due to hold a workshop on how to conduct media studies reports and news analysis revolving on the social issues in general and women- related issues in particular.
A number of pressmen of both governmental and non-governmental bodies, independent newspapers and local papers will participate in the workshop.
The Yemen Times in this regard has nominated Mrs. Fahmia al-Fotih, the female participant in the workshop which is to be held on March 11-13 at the Central Statistic Authority.