Women’s Forum Continues its Training Shadow Report Writing Committee [Archives:2001/44/Local News]

October 22 2001

On the occasion of the international day to oppose violence and discrimination against women, and within its framework to set up a committee on shadow report writing on woman’s rights, the Women’s Forum continued the second phase of its training program to improve abilities of the team and the members of the committee in Aden on November 3-5, 2001. The forum is a continuation of a previous training course held in Sana’a last August. The participants of shadow report writing will receive intensive training for three days with the aim of developing the participants’ skills and capabilities and to give women experience in report shadow writing. In a statement to YT, the manager of the Women’s Forum for Studies and Training, Suad Al-Kadsi, said that this training course is a continuation of some programs that will extend to the year 2004. It will be divided into several phases in which each phase mainly concentrates on a specific aspect, until it reaches a final formula. Report shadow writing has participated in local and international preparatory conferences and meetings in an attempt to polish skills and make use of other experiences. The committee of shadow writing includes academics, researchers, economists, those interested in woman’s rights and representatives of the civil organizations in our country.