Women’s issues discussed [Archives:2004/793/Local News]

November 25 2004

By Rana Ghanem
For the Yemen Times

SAF for Human Rights, under the auspices of Aden Governor Dr. Yehia al-Shuaiby, held its 3rd democratic meeting in Aden Governorate, on Nov. 23.
Women and the political parties as well as women political contribution from the religious vision were issues discussed.
In addition there was discussion on the history of women's movement in Yemen, besides the women's struggle in the southern part of the homeland during former years.
The meeting discussed the arguments and problems with women and their political possibility, the socio-psychological vision to exclude women from administrative and political positions, and international laws that stipulates the equality and non-discrimination between the two genders.
Yemeni laws still discriminate the extent of women participation in such areas.
The studies were prepared by a group of doctors of the university and the activists in this line.
The symposium was attended by about 70 participants, activists, and those interested in these issues, and also by a number of media.