Women’s rights discussed [Archives:2002/52/Local News]

December 23 2002

TAIZ – On the occasion of the National Day for Opposing Violence Against Women, the Yemeni Women Union cooperating with OXFAM met Dec. 16 to discuss issues such as equality between men and women, violence against rural woman, family and spousal violence and shapes of political violence. The workshop came up with the following recommendations:
-Prepare a strategy for the government to fight all forms of violence against woman, and create a qualified governmental department to properly deal and handle the violence against women’s complaints.
-Encourage the government and organizations of civil society to pay attention to the women’s political rights through raising the awareness of importance of having women in the membership of the next parliament.
-Encourage the government to reform some articles in the penal law and specify a minimum age for girls of at least 18.
-Bring attention to cases of women prisoners being held unjustly.
-Encourage the media to raise awareness of women’s issues, especially in the rural areas, and provide the appropriate atmosphere so women can take part in local council policies and educational positions.