Women’s work [Archives:2007/1065/Community]

July 5 2007

Amal Ahmed Al-Hamzi
Women represent an important component in life without whom life loses its balance. They are the real factor of civilizations, whenever and wherever these civilizations take place. Further, women are the most significant and indispensable piller for the constitution of successful generations.

However, in the pre-historic age, that is the age of ignorance, women were regarded as slaves. They were marginalized and underprivileged. Incredibly and inhumanly, those ignorant people believed that woman is the devils companion; they believed so out of a blind and social tradition.

After a long period of downbeat and darkness, the shining sun of Islam rose up and covered all the humanity by its justice. As a result of that, a new normal life revived in favor of women, who got all the rights they deserved, they worked in several fields such as households, trade, education, army, etc. As an instance, our prophet's wife, khadiga, was a great trader as well as a housewife.

Nowadays, after the revolution of knowledge, people in the Arab world ascertain the proverb that says “History repeats itself.” They go backwards and behave as pre-historic men towards women. They insist that women should stay home.

In conclusion, we need not to forget that the freedom of speech, thought, and work is there for all to practice. Moreover, women must be taken into consideration to exploit their gifts and talents.