Wooden Souls [Archives:2006/1003/Community]

November 30 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

For his appeal,

The secret of seas can reveal

How the sea's rage had to flay

When the moon took a trip far away

My soul's hankering can't delay

To paint his smiling falcate ray

By the ink of my tears

On my skin's clay

My heart's waves have to obey


Behind the night's veil

Spleeny darkness!

Under the disguise of sky

The poisonous tears of sly

Falling down

As flames in the heaven's eye

The dawn's brims became

scorched and dry

While the stars celebrate

With the imminent light's dart

The deadly drops of time

Falling heavy and sharp

The moon picks out

The sound of subdued harp

But he rebuffs to cry or carp

Rows of worms creep on

The inane wooden souls

Those sacked in frozen stores

Unable to offer the powerful pores

They just offer the false bores

Pretending the depth of doles

It is the hoax of great goals

In the expired fouls

How can the naked doors be blocked up?

The wooden souls

Only germinating the weeds

Stabbing our life's roots and seeds

In the dark quintessence

Always survives the show of greed

“For the barking dogs