Workshop emphasizes building youth capacities [Archives:2006/954/Local News]

June 12 2006

SANA'A, June 10 ) The Ibhar Foundation for Innovation and Childhood and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), a German foundation, held a six-day training workshop on human rights for youth working with children. Local civil society organizations (CSO) also participated.

The course aimed to build youth capacities in general, those working with children in particular, by using the Itigahat Guide: a training manual on human rights. Other objectives of the workshop were to identify ways of suitably using the guide in relation to the capacities of youth, children's reality; to increase awareness of children's issues to CSOs and youth working with children; and to develop a work plan with up-to-date and effective ideas.

Maha Salah, Chairman of the Ibhar Foundation, said that the workshop was not planned in a vacuum as the Foundation has offered other activities in regard to children's rights in the past. According to Maha, the workshop intended to develop youth's abilities when working with children by making youth aware of human rights issues so as to enhance their effectiveness. She emphasized the importance of holding such training courses as they build capacities.

Felix Eikendery, Resident Representative of the FES, said such workshops and symposiums are very important, particularly when they focus on human and children's rights as such workshops provide the know-how necessary to allow youth workers to operate more effectively. Working for children rights today will help create a better tomorrow, said Eikendery. At the conclusion of his speech, Eikendery wished that all participants would benefit from knowledge gained from the workshop, and be content with their dedication to creating a better future for children.