Workshop for handicraft representatives [Archives:2004/765/Local News]

August 19 2004

Taiz Bureau
The Taiz Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and the Handicraft Societies Union have organized a training program for handicraft and vocational societies in the city. The program is financed by the Social Development Fund.
The ceremony began with a Quranic recitation, and then some speeches were delivered by Abdul-Alim Hazza'a, head of the Union, Mufid Abdu Saif, director of the Chamber of Commerce, Eng. Ali Salah, representative of the SDF, Mahmoud Taimor, director of the SDF's branch office and Riyadh Al-Qusaimi, director of training and qualifications.
Some 23 courses have been organized by handicraft and vocational societies including 16 devoted to training participants in skills that answer a need in the labor market and in how to start their own business, with a further 7 for promoting the skills of in-service workers.
The courses aim at providing a well-trained cadre, contributing to poverty alleviation, and reducing unemployment.
The speakers indicated the significance of continuing cooperation between the SDF and the CCI, and noted their appreciation for the contribution of Shawqi Ahmed Hail.