Workshop for societies’ staffers [Archives:2005/809/Local News]

January 20 2005

Taiz Bureau
A four-day workshop on coordination, preparation and performance of social activities, organized by Cultural Social Center for Development and Qualifying in Taiz in collaboration with the French DIA Organization was started on Jan 15th 2005.

Twenty female and male trainees representing different local NGOs in Taiz are taking part in the activities of the workshop.

The workshop agenda contains a number of theoretical and practical lectures on methods of preparing and coordinating the activities and the stages that the coordination undergoes with the partners, the trainees and lecturers besides the following-up of the activities progress, the activity supervisor and coordinator”s roles since the beginning of writing the suggestions and until the final report preparation.

Mr. Amin al-Dubai, Workshop coordinator, explained that the aim of setting up such events is to qualify the local societies and administration staff in coordinating the activities executed by societies, and to provide them with experiences and expertise so as to help their societies to successfully perform their tasks amid the society.