Workshop on child labor [Archives:2005/845/Local News]

May 26 2005

Hodeida, May 21- A workshop on child labor, organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in coordination with the International Work Organization and the International Program for Fighting Child Labor, was held on Saturday in Hodeida.

The workshop was attended by 35 male and female participants including representatives from government parties, civil community organizations and businessmen, aimed at involving all the parties concerned in eradicating child labor, studying features of the phenomenon and the factors behind its development.

To open the workshop, Ahmad Hassan al-Haij, Secretary General of Hodeida Local Council, pointed out the necessity of searching reasons and motives leading children to leave their homes for work.

He stressed on the importance of fighting the phenomenon through the provision of serious alternatives and means to bar the proliferation of child labor.

Al-Haij reviewed the bad conditions and cases of abuse that children are subjected to at work, singling out the firm stand of the governorate and the local council by the concerned authorities to put an end to such a phenomenon.

For his part, Mohammad Hajar, General Director of Hodeida's Social Affairs and Labor Office, clarified that the objectives of the workshop sought to be achieved soon.

Mrs. Mona Salim, General Manager of Child Laborers Unit at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, reviewed the program of the workshop that aims at coming up with an entire work plan to restrict the size of children laborers according to the economic activities in every governorate.