Workshop on comprehensive education [Archives:2004/773/Local News]

September 16 2004

The Swedish Child Care Organization “Radda Barmen”, in collaboration with the Social Fund for Development, has organized a course this month in the governorates of Ibb and Dhamar on the concept of comprehensive education.
The three-day course is going to host 30 teachers of grades 1-3.
Dr. Walid Al-Bashir, director of the program at the Radda Barmen, said the organization is taking aid from Jordanian child care experts to deal with children with learning difficulties.
Two intensive awareness courses are to be held in September and October in Sana'a, tackling the diagnosis and concept of learning difficulties.
The first course targets 20 elementary class teachers from 20 districts, whereas the second targets 30 administrative staff in the same schools.