Workshop on development, social integration [Archives:2005/807/Local News]

January 13 2005

Taiz Bureau
Some 25 members and staff of Taiz local councils have participated in the activities of a workshop on development and social integration of poor segments. The workshop was organized from 10-12 January by French organization of Dia.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Stephane, representative of Dia in Yemen, delivered a speech pointing out the significance of the workshop which is part of social project implemented by Dia in Taiz.

“The development of poor sections is a prerequsite for the development of the whole society, and the integration the poorer sections is very important for comprehenisve development,” he said.

Mr. Stephane reviewed Dia's role in training local councilors and equipping them with experiences to help them carry out their duties in serving poor sections.

Ahmed Ali Jamel, Chairman of a local council, Al-Qahira District, indincated the role of local councils in supporting and enhancing development proganrsm in cooperation with local and international organizations. He also cited the need of local councilors for training in development issues.

He added: “We thank Dia organization for fostering development in Yemen particularly its interest in supporting poor sections of the society.”

He renewed pledge to work together with Dia seeking development and improvement of citizens' life

The opening ceremony was attended by Mrs. Delphia, Coordinator of the Project, Mahyoob Al-Amri, Manager of the Project, and the Manager of the National Institute for Administrative Science as well as a number of local councilors.