Workshop on disability strategies [Archives:2004/769/Local News]

September 2 2004

A workshop on developing disability strategies was organized on August 23rd by the Yemeni Development Foundation (YDF) at Hadda Hotel, in collaboration with Al-Saleh Social Establishment and the Islamic World Handicap and Training Council.
The workshop aimed at discussing conditions of the handicapped in Yemen, the nature of services they receive as well as their difficulties, and future plans to improve the integration of the disabled into society.
At the workshop, it was formally announced that the International Physically Handicapped Conference would be held in September 2004, right on the National Handicapped Day in order to pluck up as much support for training the handicapped as possible.
The workshop was contributed to by many specialized local and international organizations, and was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and the Handicapped Fund.