Workshop on Early Childhood Development [Archives:2004/717/Local News]

March 4 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the Higher Council of Childhood and Motherhood, UNICEF, the Social Fund for Development and the World Bank, a workshop focused on Early Childhood Development (ECD) was held on Sunday 1March 2004.
Mr. Abdualkareem Al-Arhabi, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Mr. Saleh Basraa, Rector of Sana'a University, Mr. Solof Ramaroson, Senior Program Officer at UNICEF, Dr. Nafessa al-Jafi, Secretary-General of the Higher Council of Childhood and Motherhood, attended the opening ceremony of the workshop.
Al-Arhabi stressed on the importance of holding such a workshop, as part of the concerted effort of the Government to improve the status of childhood in Yemen. “The childhood issue has become the top of the Government agenda. The children of today are the generation of tomorrow. So we have to pay considerable attention to this sector”
Al-Arahabi finally wished the workshop success and fruitful results.
Dr. Nafessa al-Jafi also delivered a speech in which she welcomed the participants “Yemen is one of the first countries that signed the Child Rights Convention (CRC) in 1991. Yemen cares that the child should grow up in a convenient atmosphere and comfortable circumstances to enable them to build a prosperous society.”
She added “The most important aim of this workshop is to come up with a clear vision of ECD to enable us to develop a cooperative work-plan to improve the circumstances of children in Yemen as well as benefit from the latest international and Arab experience in this field”
The participants enriched the workshop with their comments and suggestions through the working-groups.