Workshop on gender and itsunderstanding to the academic student [Archives:2003/696/Local News]

December 22 2003

Mohammed Saeed Al-Mekhlafia
Yemen Times Staff

Aden Dec.15 chaired by governor of Aden Dr. Yahya Al-Shuaibi, inaugurated workshop on gender and its understanding to the academic student, organized by the national committee for woman – Aden, in coordination with students council in Aden faculty of education. The workshop, lasted until 16 of this month, discussed a number of topics included the insertion of the social kinds of discriminations against woman. Besides, A workshop paper discussed on social kind from Islamic and educational point, general discussions discussed throughout by the participants and the audience. In a statement to Yemen Times, Dr. Al-Shuaibi pointed out the role played by woman's national committee and its directing inclination towards Aden faculty of education. Being the only resource though which students would spread out guidance amongst students at schools, where he concluded his a statement, saying “We are struggling in coordination with foreign organizations as well as cooperation with real understandings to give a woman her rights. Qubla Mohammad Saeed, organizer of woman's national committee Horiah Mashhor representative of WNC, Dr. Nasser Ali Nasser Deputy of Aden university rector and number of students of both sex from different universities Aden, Taiz and Ibb attended the workshop.