Workshop on Gender Issues [Archives:1998/50/Culture]

December 14 1998

The Integration of Women in Economic and Social Development Project hosted a workshop at the Yemeni Council for Maternal and Childhood Care in Sanaa from the 1 to 5 December. The opening session was attended by the Deputy Minister of Insurances and Social Affair; the UNFPA representative in Yemen; and Mrs. Noor Ba-Abbad, manager of the project. In addition, a group of men and women representing different public authorities and NGOs attended.
“Women can play bigger roles through which they can better contribute to the social and economic well-being of the country,” said the Deputy Minister.
Mrs. Noor Ba-Abbad was responsible for the arrangements of the workshop. “The population growth and the resultant rise in the level of demand for services and other needs makes it necessary to create a gender balance between men and women,” she said.
For five days, more than 14 papers discussing various aspects of gender, gender equality and equity were presented. More than 30 participants, representing governmental and non-governmental authorities, discussed issues related to health, education, violence against women, information, environment, and technology, and how they affect gender relations.
The workshop concluded with the following recommendations:
1. There is need for accurate statistics to serve planners and decision makers;
2. Gender issues must be given more prominence in the media, focusing more on the role of women in domestic life;
3. Education for women and more work opportunities are important vehicles for enhancing their contribution to society;
4. Improving school curriculums in a way that promotes gender equity and equality;
5. Supporting female entrepreneurs through small projects;
6. Increasing the number of people benefiting from social security, especially among the poor and disabled;
7. Intensifying illiteracy eradication programs;
8. Increasing health-related educational programs;
9. Implementing international conventions, calling for equality between men and women;
10. Promoting the role of civil society institutions, traditional as well as modern ones in educating people about human rights.
At the end of the workshop, participants were given certificates.
By: Nadwa Al-Dawsari,
Yemen Times