Workshop on health information system [Archives:2004/795/Local News]

December 2 2004

Under the auspices of Dr. Mohammed Yahia Al-No'ami, Minister of Public Health and Population, the USAID project, PHRplus, has concluded its Statistic and Health Information System workshop for Al-Jawf which was organized from Nov. 27 to December 2nd, at Sana'a International Hotel.
An understanding of the Health Information System, including how data are collected and why, how data are reported, processed and published is crucial for a good understanding of the operation of the Yemeni Health Care Delivery System.
As part of the health sector reform strategy, decentralization of the health system means also a decentralization of the responsibility to collect reliable data at the district and facility level. The workshop was held upon requesting the US Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Partners for Health Reformplus Project, by the MoPHP's General Department of Health Statistics and Health Information to provide training in the principles of statistics to Governorate Health Offices and District Health Management teams to assist in the application of statistical methods to applied statistical problems.
The training workshop involved members of the training and support teams of Al-Jawf Governorate Health and Population Offices and members of the district health management teams for six days beginning on Nov. 27.
By the end of the training course, 45 participants have been acquainted with the Yemeni Health Information System.