Workshop on Health Insurance [Archives:2003/693/Community]

December 8 2003

A workshop on health insurance commenced in Sana'a on Saturday, 6/12/2003 organized by the Ministry of Health and Population in cooperation with Oxfam Organization.
Fifty health insurance professionals from the Ministry of Health and other related sectors, as well as other international organizations that contribute to the improvement of health conditions in Yemen attended the workshop. Dr. Mohammed Al-Naimi, the Minister of Health, attended the workshop which presented a few interesting topics, and stressed the importance of health insurance which the Ministry considers as one of the important tasks to accomplish in order to improve health conditions in Yemen. It contributes to the enhancement of the quality of health services, and the reduction of burdens which the health services department shoulders. He added that the foundation of Health Insurance System was laid a few years ago by creating a separate department for this purpose. This department started gathering information about experiences of donor countries, and international organizations so a practical Health Insurance System may be implemented. Mr. Thabet Baggash of Oxfam Organization also mentioned the unique role which his organization undertakes in supporting a number of health projects in Yemen. Health Insurance System is one of those important projects as well as a few others in the various health sectors. Baggash indicated that Oxfam is in the process of conducting studies on several additional potential projects.
The workshop included several working papers and discussion topics presented by health insurance professionals, related to international experiences in the field. They also discussed the legal context of local experiences of health insurance. A committee has completed a legislation project for the health insurance system awaiting its ratification by the government.