Workshop on linking labor market with technical education [Archives:2004/761/Community]

August 5 2004

A special workshop on linking the labor market and technical education establishments (Cooperative Training) was held from 1st-2nd August at Al-Sa'eed Forum and Alsa'eed Vocational Training Center's hall in Taiz.
The course was organized by the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational training in collaboration with the UNECO, and attended by 120 general managers of chambers of commerce, the ministry's governorate offices, and human resource employees from the private sector.
The workshop aimed at discussing the regulations of Cooperative Training, the role of local councils, commerce chambers, and the private sector in it, and in matching the output of technical education with the needs of labor market.
The 120 trainees discussed four themes, and six papers were presented at the workshop.
The participants, in groups, reviewed, analyzed and discussed their remarks. Observations and recommendations were forwarded at the end of the activity, which was under the auspices of the Minister of Technical Education Dr. Mansour bin Safa'a, and the Governor of Taiz Judge Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hajri.
The opening ceremony of the workshop was attended by Mr. Mohamed Al-Haj Secretary General of Taiz local council, deputy governor, Eng. Abdul-Wahab Al-Aqil, deputy ministry of technical education, sheikh Jabir Abdullah Ghalib, head of the GPC's Taiz branch, and Eng. Faisal Mujahid, general manager of Taiz technical education office.
Lecturers included Eng. Ahmed Al-Sana'ani, Eng. Faisal Mujahid, Dr. Ahmed Hadi, Mr. Khalid Al-Faqih, Eng. Ali Hamoud Tahir, and Eng. Ahmed Al-Mahdi.
A speech was delivered at the ceremony, indicating Taiz's specialty, since it holds industrial potential, a large population, and a high unemployment rate. “This necessitates intensive poverty alleviation efforts,” said the speech.
It underscored the significance of the private sector contributing to the improvement of the technical education so that the output meets the market needs.